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Quotes Love your place. thanks for your encouragement and all your extra help to make us successful! There is no place that spends the time with each individually like you do. thanks for your time! Quotes
Caryn Y
Fitness Member

Quotes I am a busy mom and business manager. I ALWAYS find a way to get to get to Jennifer's class, or her Just About You Studio....why??, you might ask...BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!! and that is priceless..I know with her help I can achieve my goals. Her workouts are designed so well for ALL people. She also is a great support when not sweating it up...Jennifer is a genuine person and her warmth is felt in and out of the gym...I recommend her classes along with her friendship to anyone looking to change something about themselves because if you believe in you it can happen at Just About You!! Quotes
Tiffany Peterson
Sales Manager

Quotes Thank you for all you do. I have lost 7 lbs since working with you. You have made a difference. Quotes
Cindy O
Personal Training Successes

Quotes Jennifer Fisher, always look forward to your visits to Rice Lake, WI! Just wish you lived closer, could you just relocate? Just kidding! Love your strength, energy, and smile! You make Zumba so fun..always a treat! Thank you for being a part of my life! Quotes
Kristin Theilig
Bokwa Instructor-WI

Quotes Jennifer Maloney Fisher trainer out there.....hands down!!! Thanks for all the support! Quotes
Judith G

Quotes Love feeling the muscles burn after 30:30 at zumba-dance and the circuit! Thanks Jennifer Maloney Fisher. See you again tomorrow! Quotes
Leanne H
Fitness associate

Quotes CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer Maloney Fisher for being the FIRST certified BokwaFit instructor in Minnesota!!!!! Quotes
Veronica T
Fitness Instructor- WI

Quotes Special thanks to Jennifer Fisher for the professional advise for helping me build a stronger core and upper body. If I didn't live 3 hrs. away I would be attending her classes. If you want to feel better about yourself and feel healthier this is the person that can help you and change your life. So no excuses people get in there and feel positive again. Thanks Jennifer!! Quotes
Mark J

Quotes You should make a video of your stretches, put it on CDs n either give them or sell them to your clients ... Me particularly cuz lady, u worked my muscles on Thursday n today omg I hurt! No question about it, your great at what you do 8-) Quotes
Nicole B

Quotes Melissa O-I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes so far! I'm so glad I got my butt going into your class a few weeks ago. I can already feel myself improving and body changing for the better! [email protected] Jennifer and Just About You Get In Shape Studio! Quotes
Melissa O