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Every month we choose from all our wonderful members and personal training clients for the Member Spotlight.  This task is nowhere near easy for us as we sincerely are fortunate to have a wealth of wonderful people that come through our doors every day ready to take on anything we have planned for them.  Many have never known each other before coming to the studio and then became friends...that’s what happens at the studio, people are welcomed in and soon feel like they have been coming for longer than a day, week, or month.  That environment spreads and comments continue to come back on how comfortable anyone new feels in the class and how they feel like they are able to do more than they thought they could.  Not only do the trainers remain attentive to proper form, technique, and modifications, the other class attendees also encourage & assist each other. 

Gretchen Kaplan: We could fill the page with the determination and motivation that this woman put into transforming her health, her fitnes level, her endurance, her life!  She has inspired others and doesn't take being a full-time working woman, involved Grandmother, and partner to a loving & supportive husband....lying down!  If she missed a couple of seconds, she does extra in that routine. Plus she always is positive and encouraging to others.  She would work out nearly every day at the studio if she had her choice. Whether at the studio, at home, or at work, she never stops moving and she never stops thinking about staying focused on long-term good health and fitness.  She has been training with Just About You! since the year we opened in another, much smaller, location.  She has encouraged dozens of others to attend classes or take training at Just About You!  Gretchen has accomplished so much with her goals of transforming herself, her habits, and her lifestyle. As the longest member and training client at Just About You! we felt that with just the enormous dedication she possesses and all the unwaivering support she has shown towards the studio, she was our first choice to be recognized with heartfelt and immense thanks, in our Member Spotlight.  It truly is a delight to work with you Gretchen. 

Here are some of Gretchen's responses in her questionnaire: 

Heather Supalla

Heather's middle initial should be "D" for Determined and Dedicated!  Another member that every day that she comes through that door is ready for whatever we have planned and always pleasant and positive about it.  Granted though she smiles when she enters the studio, she has a bigger smile on a sparkling face with her trademark headband.  It was so easy to pick Heather as one of this September Member Spotlights.  

Here is what Heather had to say in her responses in the questionnaire: