Just About You! Life Fitness Center.

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Christina Korpi 

It would seem we have a common theme of determined people that come to our group fitness classes.  That is probably due to the fact we DO have many people determined to make time for themselves.  Christina is unwavering in her quest to not only take that time for herself, but also learning how she can be a better version of herself...healthier, fitter, and stronger.  She is so focused during class, that one would hesitate to step in front of her and break her concentration.  There has never been a time that she stops during an exercise when she needed a modification or change...she just moves into the modification she has learned and continues on.  

Kris Stinocher

"Ain't no mountain high enough.."  is what we think of when referring to Kris' approach to setting and tackling her fitness and health goals.  Not one to wait until her next training session or fitness class, she finds moments throughout her day to work on her physical health.  Often times, we will get a text or picture of a new achievement or added equipment to her home workout area.  No matter what workout challenge presented to her Kris doesn't blink an eye before delving right in...and it would be uncharacteristic of her to ever express the desire to fact, I believe she would never quit at anything until she feels she has concured the task.  

Ruth Weigt  Previously, Ruth would work out in the fitness center where she worked. She enjoys gardening, camping & hiking....anything to spend time outside.   When she changed positions and was able to work from home, she found the opportunity to workout had decreased, plus she missed the interaction with others.  "Joining Just About You! studio got me to meet new people and I now have a group of people that I enjoy working out with..."  Ruth is so dedicated to her workout routine & goals of becoming stronger and healthier, that when the rare occurtance happens that she misses a class, we are all concerned!  We asked her what drives her to continue working out?  "I like the variety of classes offered and that Jennifer is great at teaching breathing tecniques & has routines that really challenge me to work hard.?  She added that she enjoys Kettlebell, but her favorite is Butts-N-Guts because "the class really works the hard to tone areas."  She offers her perspective to all considering Just About You! Get In Shape Studio, "I'd tell people about all the classes offered and invite them to give a class a try.  I would want them to enjoy the benefits that I am getting."  We are honored that Ruth added, "Jennifer is an awesome fitness instructor!!"  We are honored to have Ruth as a member and thoroughly enjoy having her gentle nature, kindness, determination, and smile reflecting back in every class.