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Maria has been dedicated to getting healthier. She set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Trackable. She broke down her long-term goals into smaller sections and works at it with an acceptable pace that will aid her in maintaining long-term success. (See what she has to say below.) She has shared with other members how she has followed a Paleo Eating Plan, incorporated more clean & healthy eating, tracked her daily & weekly steps along with working on her body fat percentages. No matter what obstacles or challenges appear, she trudges forward on her quest to achieve her goals. As a member of our group fitness classes, she adds her own flair to the movements, makes modifications to some exercises if need-be, and offers encouragement to others. Along with the other members she has been a big proponent of what we have to offer to the community, advocating to her co-workers to visit our studio. Still a Zumba enthusiast, she has taken a bigger interest in Bokwa Fitness and shares how much she likes this workout.

We are glad to have Maria in our classes, adding to the fun we have while working out. CONGRATULATIONS, Maria, for all you have achieved thus far.

"I fully plan on incorporating Just About You into my new year plans to continue this health journey I'm on. I am ending this year over 35 pounds lighter than I was when it started. And, of course, have said goodbye to a good number of inches over all. Yahoo!! Can't wait to see what I will be saying at the end of next year! Thank you for all you do. Happy New Year!" "Thank you! I'm very grateful for the studio and your dedication to health and fitness."

What a great ATTITUDE!